(Approved by the Board of Regents, July 27, 1988 amended December 12, 2008)

Section 12-201 of Education, Annotated Code of Maryland, calls for the Board of Regents to establish a Council of University System Presidents that "shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor" and "may from time to time make reports and recommendations to the Board." Such a Council will provide a mechanism for the consideration of matters of common concern to the institutions in the System in particular or to higher education in general, and will provide a formal vehicle for the expression of positions of the Presidents collectively on such concerns.

The Council is composed of the Presidents of thirteen constituent institutions of the System. The Council shall elect its own Chairperson. The Council will normally schedule its meetings in tandem with meetings of the Chancellor's Council. Meetings of the Council of University System Presidents may be called by the Chairman or a majority of the members. The Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee shall be expected to be present at all meetings of the Council of University System Presidents so that the Council may advise the Chancellor on matters of concern. The Council of University System Presidents may address the Board, from time to time, at regular meetings of the Board of Regents.

Replacement for: BOT V-D