(Approved by the Board of Regents, June 19, 1991)
    I.  POLICY
        It is the policy of the Board of Regents of the University
        of Maryland System to encourage graduate students enrolled
        at one institution of the System to avail themselves of
        course offerings, research facilities, and special faculty
        competencies at the other institutions of the System.
        Therefore, degree-seeking graduate students at UMS
        institutions may, with the permission of the director of
        graduate studies in the program to which they were
        admitted, pursue for credit at other institutions within
        the University System graduate courses to augment their
        degree programs.
        Courses taken at other institutions should be used to
        augment the home campus program.  If a major portion of the
        program a student wants is not given at the home
        institution, then the student should transfer to an
        institution which offers the program.
        In granting permission to pursue the opportunity afforded
        by this policy, significant factors to be considered by the
        director of graduate studies may include but are not
        limited to:
        A.  Unavailability of a similar or comparable course at the
            home institution within a reasonable time frame.  Here
            convenience is not adequate justification.
        B.  Possible enhancement of the student's overall program
            in a way not possible at the home institution, as by
            the existence at the host institution of a unique
            research or instructional facility, particular faculty
            expertise, or the availability of a particular course
            not offered at the home institution.
        C.  The level and content of the course, including the
            nature of prerequisite course work.
        A.  Home Institution -- The institution to which the
            student is currently, formally admitted in an approved
            graduate degree program.  The home institution will be
            responsible for admission, academic advising, grants of
            financial aid, the academic transcript and the awarding
            of the graduate degree.  The student must maintain
            academic eligibility at the home institution.
        B.  Host Institution -- The institution which registers the
            inter-institutional student for the inter-institutional
            course only and offers the course(s) taken as a
            visiting inter-institutional student.  The host
            institution will provide, on a space available basis,
            access to courses, seminars, and research facilities.
            Use of the libraries, parking facilities, and emergency
            health care will be made on the same terms on which
            they are offered to graduate students at that
        A.  Degree-seeking graduate students in good academic
            standing in approved graduate programs at UMS
            institutions are eligible to participate.
        B.  Participation in the program shall be entered into only
            after receiving approval from the appropriate authority
            at the home institution and with the concurrence of the
            appropriate authority at the host institution.
            Approval does not insure availability of a place in the
            course at the host institution.  Actual registration is
            on a "seats available" or other established basis.
            Contact with the department or program at the host
            institution is recommended in order to determine
            availability of space in the course and the existence
            of particular prerequisites.  This should be done well
            in advance of the registration period in which the
            course will be taken.  Students will use the
            registration procedures and times applicable to native
            students at the host institution.
        C.  Inter-institutional students shall pay all tuition for
            courses taken at a host institution directly to the
            home institution in accordance with that institution's
            policies.  On an annual basis there will be an exchange
            of tuition collected based on enrollments at the host
            institutions.  For teaching load and FTE student
            computation, the credit hours taken at the host
            institution will be reflected at the host institution.
        D.  All credits and grades earned by participating students
            at a host institution are defined as resident credit by
            the home institution and entered on the academic record
            of the student at the home institution.
        E.  The University of Maryland System and each institution
            shall develop coordinated procedures for the
            implementation of this policy.
  Replacement for:  BOR I-4.00, Section IV