(Approved by the Board of Regents, June 21, 1990)
       The Board of Regents of the University of Maryland System
  recognizes the importance of voluntary private support and encourages
  grants and contributions for the benefit of the University System, its
  constituent institutions and components or for any or all of the
  educational and support activities that are operated by the System.
  Accordingly, the Board of Regents wishes to encourage a broad base of
  support from many sources, particularly increased levels of voluntary
       Each institution and center of the University of Maryland System is
  encouraged to engage in fund raising for private support.  Such activities
  will be coordinated Systemwide to achieve the highest possible level of
  private support.
  Delegation of Authority
       The Board of Regents delegates to the Chancellor the responsibility
  for overseeing and coordinating fund raising activities for the University
  of Maryland System.
       The Chancellor shall establish procedures and standards for the
  solicitation of gifts; accept gifts and grants on behalf of the Board of
  Regents; recommend fund raising campaigns for special purposes as well as
  Systemwide campaigns; and report periodically to the Board on progress
  toward fund raising goals.  The Chancellor shall establish a System
  Development Office to serve as a resource to all institutions and centers,
  by providing technical services, coordinating fund raising planning and
  special campaigns, and engaging in fund raising activities to achieve
  Systemwide objectives.
       The Presidents and Directors shall be responsible for planning and
  implementing fund raising activities and programs at their respective
  institutions, and shall be accountable to the Board for the management and
  stewardship of funds so collected.
       No faculty member or other employee of the University of Maryland
  System may solicit gifts and grants on behalf of an institution, center, or
  the System without the prior knowledge and approval of the President or
  director or Chancellor, as appropriate.  Informal exploratory inquiries to
  locate possible outside sources of support do not require such prior
       Gifts which conflict with policies established by the Board or
  Chancellor shall not be accepted.  This is particularly important when gift
  offers might require institution or center of System expenditures or new
  programs and projects which would also require expenditures.  Gifts and
  grants with a value of $100,000 or more (including cash, securities, land,
  buildings, materials and supplies, equipment, livestock, books, historical
  documents, art objects, etc.) from individuals, corporations, foundations,
  associations, etc., will require the official acceptance of the President or
  center director.
       Before establishing permanently-names restricted funds, whether
  through endowment or through continuing gifts for a specific purpose (e.g.,
  lectureships, scholarships, academic achievement awards, etc.), the wishes
  of donors and the commitments of the institution, center or System must be
  set forth in writing in a Memorandum of Understanding, which will set forth
  the details of funding and stewardship of the gift.  Each Memorandum must
  be signed by the donors and by appropriate institution, center, or System
  officers.  A Memorandum for the creation of endowments for the benefit of
  more than one institution shall also require the signature of the
  Chancellor.  Copies of each Memorandum shall be retained by the institution
  or center and by the System Development Office.
       Copies of bequests, trust agreements or other planned giving devices
  shall also be retained by the System Development Office.
       Gifts and grants to affiliated foundations of the University of
  Maryland System are encouraged, as specified in Policy IX - 2.00 and Policy
  IX - 2.01.
       The Chancellor shall prepare an annual report for the Board of
  Regents, to include detailed information on all private support to System
  institutions and centers, their affiliated foundations and to the System.
  Replacements for:  BOR IV - 1.00, IV - 1.01
                     BOT XII - A, Appendix I