(Approved by the Board of Regents, October 7, 1994)
  The purpose of this policy is to encourage responsible gift
  solicitation among the institutions of The University of Maryland
  The University of Maryland System and its affiliated foundations
  have a legal and ethical duty to act with fairness, honesty, and
  integrity in connection with the solicitation, planning, and
  receipt of private gifts for the benefit of the System and its
  institutions.  The System and its affiliated foundations, in
  soliciting, planning, and receiving gifts must comply with all
  applicable laws, including as to affiliated foundations, provisions
  of Title 6 of the Business Regulation Article of the Maryland Code
  entitled "Charitable Organizations and Charitable Regulations," a
  violation of which can result in cancellation of a foundation's
  regulation as well as civil and/or criminal penalties.  In
  connection with a charitable solicitation, no person acting for or
  on behalf of the University of Maryland System or any affiliated
  foundation may commit an act or engage in a practice that by
  affirmative representation or by omission is misleading about
  anything important to, or likely to affect, another person's
  decision to make a charitable contribution.  Such an act or
  practice violates this policy whether or not a person has in fact
  been mislead, deceived, or damaged as a result of such act or
  Development officers represent their institution and have an
  obligation to:
         Adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of all
         applicable local, state, and federal civil and criminal
         laws and regulations;
         Act according to the highest standards and values of their
         institution, profession and conscience;
         Embrace high ethical principles and seek to inspire others
         through demonstrating their own sense of dedication and
         high purpose;
  Development officers have an individual professional obligation to:
         Disclose all relationships which might constitute or appear
         to constitute conflicts of interest;
         Have no vested interest that could result in personal gain
         except for compensation received for services, the terms of
         which have been disclosed to the donor and the institution;
         Be committed to the improvement of their own professional
         knowledge and skills to better serve donors, and be aware
         as professionals of limits of their knowledge and
         expertise, calling on others for specific knowledge when
         Structure gifts to achieve a fair and proper balance
         between the interests of donor and those of the
         Recognize stewardship responsibilities to see that the
         intent of the donor is honestly fulfilled, and that
         privacy, freedom of choice and the interest of all involved
         are protected;
         To the best of their ability, see that the donor gives
         explicit consent before the conditions of any gift are
         Ensure that constituent information is kept confidential;
         In all dealings with donors, institutions, and other
         professionals, act with fairness, honesty, integrity and
         openness to safeguard the public trust, bringing credit to
         the profession by their public demeanor.