(Approved by the Board of Regents on January 11, 1990)
  Student Accommodations
        The primary purpose of residence halls at institutions of
  the University of Maryland System is to provide housing for
  undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at such
  institutions.  Residence hall accommodations shall be assigned in
  conformity with priorities established by each institution.
  Non-Discrimination in Off-Campus Housing
        Each institution may assist students, faculty, and staff in
  locating off-campus housing by maintaining a list of available
  off-campus housing facilities.  No institution shall list the
  availability of an off-campus housing facility unless the owner
  makes such facility available to students in conformity with all
  pertinent federal and State laws on nondiscrimination in housing.
  Residential Fire Safety
        Each institution shall provide to students information on
  fire safety, appropriate to both on-campus and off-campus
  housing, as a part of the orientation program for new students.
  Notices shall be posted in appropriate places at each institution
  reminding students to be conscious of residential fire safety.
  No institution shall list or provide information on available
  off-campus housing unless the owner affirms annually in writing
  that the facility is in compliance with all applicable fire
  safety codes.  The institution shall keep the written
  verification on file in the institution's housing office.
  Replacement for:  BOR V-18.00 and
                    BOT X-E, X-L, X-N