(Approved by the Board of Regents on January 11, 1990; amended
  January 24, 1991; amended April 4, 1997)
  The Board of Regents of the University of Maryland System
  recognizes its responsibility to determine the appropriate naming
  of new and existing buildings owned by the University System or any
  of its constituent institutions.  The Board also reserves the right
  to approve the naming of academic programs.  Academic programs
  include colleges, schools, departments, centers, and institutes.
  The naming of scholarships, fellowships and chairs does not require
  Regents' approval.
  In those cases where buildings and academic programs are named for
  people, they should be named for scholars and other distinguished
  individuals who are both preeminent in their field of endeavor
  and/or have contributed meaningfully to the University of Maryland
  System or to any of its constituent institutions.
  The Board prefers to commemorate donors' generosity through other
  means, such as the naming or dedication of scholarships, programs,
  or professorships.  However, the Board will also consider the
  naming of a building when a donor's gift represents a major
  contribution to the institution.
  Any University System institution wishing to adopt a person's name
  for a building, any campus grounds, major portions of facilities,
  or academic programs must submit a request to the Chancellor. The
  Chancellor will determine which naming opportunities require
  Regents' approval.
  In making requests, the institutions of the University of Maryland
  System must comply with the following guidelines.  (Foundation-owned
  buildings are excluded from the Board of Regents' policy.)
  1.   No building, other campus facility, or academic program will
       be named for individuals currently employed by the University
       of Maryland System or the State of Maryland.
  2.   When the person to be honored is living and a non-donor, three
       years must have passed since any formal association with the
       University of Maryland System or employment with the State.
       Such affiliation includes time spent as an undergraduate,
       graduate, or post-graduate student; as a paid member of the
       faculty or staff, whether full- or part-time; as a paid State
       employee; and as a member of the Board of Regents.
  3.   When the person to be honored is deceased, two years must have
       passed since the date of death before their name can be
       applied to a University of Maryland System building or
       academic program.
  4.   A naming opportunity associated with a gift to the University
       of Maryland System, a constituent institution, or an
       affiliated foundation, will normally receive favorable
       consideration only when the present value of the gift is an
       amount equal to or greater than 10 percent of the cost to
       construct or substantially renovate the building proposed for
       naming.  The gift may be in cash or a legally binding pledge
       and should be paid within five years of the naming of the
       building or program.  A portion of the gift may be in the form
       of an irrevocable trust or a contractual bequest. The Board of
       Regents reserves the right to remove names from buildings and
       programs when the gift remains unpaid beyond the five-year
       limit.  Should this occur, the Regents may name an area of the
       building or seek another appropriate naming opportunity that
       would be proportionate to the value of the gift received.  The
       naming of a building or program follows the building or
       program for its useful life unless otherwise determined by the
       Board of Regents.
  5.   In making requests for naming of buildings or academic
       programs, the following information is to be submitted in the
       standard Board of Regents format:
       (a)  Institution name;
       (b)  A detailed request, citing the facility or program in
            question, the proposed name, the existing name if any,
            etc.; and
       (c)  Justification, including such relevant information as the
            nature and duration of the individual's affiliation with
            the University System or constituent institution.  If the
            naming is a stipulation of the gift, the request must
            explain the proposed arrangement.  If the gift represents
            partial or total funding of the construction, remodeling,
            or renovation, the following information must be
            *    A timetable for project implementation;
            *    Relationship of the project to the institution's
                 long-range plans;
            *    Source and status of capital budget funds needed in
                 addition to the gift;
            *    Operating budget implications, and sources of
                 funds; and
       (d)  A copy of the gift contract and/or pledge agreement must
            be filed with the request for approval.
  6.   The institutions will determine the appropriate level of gift
       support required to name scholarships, fellowships, and
       professorships.  The institutions will provide an annual
       report to the Regents on all such gifts and the form of
       recognition.  Gifts for naming these purposes may be in cash
       and/or a legally binding pledge instrument.
  Replacement for:  BOR VI 3.00
                    BOR XIII-H