(Approved by the Board of Regents, April 26, 1990)
        1.  The Board of Regents, in response to the explicit
  instructions of the General Assembly, is proceeding to complete
  its review of functions of the University of Maryland System,
  including the Systemwide activities performed by the System
  Administration.  One result of decisions arising from this review
  will be the reduction, elimination or relocation of certain
  functions, with subsequent position abolition or transfer.
        2.  It is the intention of the Board that termination of
  employees and disruption of the System management capabilities be
  kept to the minimum in accomplishing such function reductions,
  eliminations or relocations.  The Chancellor shall take all
  appropriate steps to assure the orderly and effective management
  of organization change, while providing appropriate support and
  assistance to those whose positions may be abolished at UMSA as a
        3.  In fulfilling this policy, the Chancellor shall call
  upon and shall receive the full cooperation and support of each
  constituent institution president and each center director in the
  following actions:
            a.  with regard to classified employees, institution
                vacancies will be filled, to the extent
                practicable, by classified personnel whose
                positions have been abolished or transferred as a
                result of function reorganizations.  All actions
                taken will be in accord with Personnel Policies and
                Rules for Classified Employees, Sections II, III
                and XIII.
            b.  with regard to associate staff (covered under
                Section G 4, Personnel Policies and Rules for
                Associate Employees) and all academic
                administrators whose positions have been abolished
                or transferred as a result of function
                reorganization, they shall be given a right of
                first consideration for vacancies.  To facilitate
                such consideration, timely notice of all
                appropriate institution and center vacancies shall
                be provided to the Chancellor and the Chancellor
                shall provide a list identifying such personnel to
                each president and director.
        4.  The Chancellor shall furnish to the Board monthly a
  report on progress made toward the reduction, elimination and
  relocation of designated functions, on the cooperation and
  support received in this effort by institution presidents and
  center directors, and on the ultimate employment placement of
  those persons affected.
        5.  The Chancellor will develop necessary procedures and
  timetables to implement this policy.