Approved by the Board of Regents on December 3, 1999, EFFECTIVE 
January 2 and January 12, 2000)


    This policy establishes the period of notice and recall status for 
    regular Exempt employees who are being laid off due to any of the 
    reasons described in this policy.


    A. A layoff may occur when the Department Head or Chairperson
       determines that a position or position(s) are to be 
       abolished or discontinued due to reduction or termination
       of funds, program change, change in departmental 
       organization, or stoppage or lack of work.

    B. The Department Head or Chairperson shall submit a written
       request and justification for the layoff to the institution 
       Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or designee prior to 
       informing the affected employee(s) of the layoff.

    C. After appropriate authorization for the layoff by the 
       institution CEO or designee, the appropriate administrator 
       shall provide at least 90 calendar days advance written 
       notice of layoff to the affected employee(s).

    D. For layoffs that are due to reduction or termination of 
       funds, the period of notice of layoff may be shorter than
       that stated in item II. C. above if the notice by the 
       funding source of reduction or termination of funds 
       provided to the USM institution is less than the required
       90 calendar days notice.  In such cases, the affected 
       employee(s) shall be notified by the appropriate 
       administrator as soon as possible, but no later than 
       five (5) work days following the institution's notice of
       fund reduction or termination.

    E. Notice of layoff shall be delivered to the employee(s) 
       in person or by certified mail to the employee's last 
       known address.


    A. An employee who is laid off from an exempt position shall 
       be recalled for reappointment following a layoff if, 
       within one (1) calendar year from the effective date of 
       layoff, the specific position from which the layoff 
       occurred is reestablished.

    B. A person who is appointed to any position in the USM 
       within 3 years of being laid off shall be considered in 
       a reinstatement status as provided for in the USM BOR 
       Policy on Reinstatement, Policy VII - 9.61.

    C. The layoff of an employee in an exempt position shall not
       affect any faculty tenure rights which that employee may 
       hold in an academic department of the employing institution.


       Each Chief Executive Officer or designee shall develop 
       procedures as necessary to implement this policy and 
       shall forward a copy of such procedures to the Chancellor.


       USM BOR Policy VII-1.30, Policy on Layoff for Unclassified 
       and Classified Personnel, April 25, 1991, only as it 
       applies to employees in former unclassified, associate 
       staff, and classified-exempt positions.

       Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part;
       any policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the 
       Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of 
       the former institutions of the University of Maryland, 
       and of the former State Universities and Colleges, and 
       of the Regents of the University System of Maryland that 
       are in conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability,
       or intent, that may have been overlooked and not included 
       as a specific citation under "Replacement For."