(Approved by the Board of Regents, August 28, 1992
   Amendment April 13, 2007)

  In order to reflect and to recognize the contributions and services 
  to the University System of Maryland of the spouse of the 
  Chancellor or spouse of the Presidents, the Board of Regents does 
  hereby authorize the creation of the position of Associate of the 
  This appointment acknowledges the Associates' oversight 
  responsibility in acting as official agents of the University
  System and/or the Chancellor/President at meetings, workshops, 
  conferences, institutional and community activities, alumni and 
  fund raising events, faculty/staff activities, when hosting 
  institutional and/or University System events in an official 
  capacity, and in the management of university or foundation-owned 
  Appointment as Associate of the Chancellor/President is without 
  salary or benefits and conveys no rights associated with employment 
  by the University System or the State of Maryland except as 
  specifically provided in this policy.
  The following will be provided to the Associate of the
   1.  An identification card will be issued which will provide 
       access to USM libraries and other facilities in accordance 
       with institutional procedures.
   2.  The USM will provide courtesy parking permits for use at USM 
   3.  USM-related travel expenses incurred while traveling as an 
       Associate will be reimbursed according to the University System 
       of Maryland travel policy.  The Chancellor must approve
       these expenditures for Associates of the President, and the
       Chair of the Organization and Compensation Committee of the
       Board of Regents must approve them for the Associate of the
       Chancellor. The Chancellor may delegate the authority to approve 
       such expenses to an appropriate senior level institutional finance 
       officer. Likewise, the Chair of the Committee may delegate the 
       authority to a senior level USM finance officer to approve the 
       Associate of the Chancellor's expenses. 
   4.  Business cards with the Associate title will be provided by the institution.
   5.  An Associate of the Chancellor/President is formally
       recognized by the University System of Maryland as a volunteer
       when performing services as an Associate, and as such is
       qualified as "State personnel" for purposes of coverage under 
       the Maryland Tort Claims Act.