(Approved by the Board of Regents, July 26, 1990)
    I.  Subject to limitations established by law, the Board of
        Regents is empowered by Sections 12-110(a)(1) and 12-111(c)
        the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland to
        establish a human resources management program.
   II.  The Board of Regents recognizes that among the most
        valuable assets of the University System are its employees.
        It is the policy of the Board of Regents to recruit, select
        and retain well-qualified employees in accordance with its
        commitment to affirmative action and equal employment, and
        to provide for an efficient and effective human resources
        management program for administrative and classified
        personnel that supports the delivery of high quality
        education and research services in public higher education
        in the State of Maryland.
  III.  The Board of Regents delegates to the Chancellor the
        authority to establish a comprehensive University of
        Maryland System Human Resources Program.  The Chancellor,
        following consultation with the chief executive officers,
        shall develop the University of Maryland System Human
        Resources Management Program Manual which shall provide for
        an appropriate balance between institutional missions and
        System responsibilities and which shall be consistent with
        Federal and State laws.  Further, each institution and
        component shall develop a human resource manual which shall
        include Board of Regents' provisions, and institutional
        procedures.  A copy of these manuals shall be submitted to
        and retained in the Personnel Office of the University of
        Maryland System Administration.
   IV.  The Chancellor may delegate to the chief executive officers
        of the institutions and centers such authority as required
        for effective management of the University of Maryland
        System Human Resource Management Program.  The University
        System Human Resources Management Program shall be
        developed and implemented in accordance with the following:
        A.  Employment
            Each constituent institution and component shall
            recruit, select, appoint and retain a well-qualified,
            diverse, competent and creative work force committed to
            service to the public and the University System.
            Each constituent institution and component shall have
            written procedures to describe the recruitment,
            selection and appointment process for employees.  These
            procedures shall describe the manner in which all new
            employees will be recruited, selected and appointed.
        B.  Benefits
            The University of Maryland System shall offer a
            comprehensive range of benefits to attract and retain
            quality personnel and to enhance employee morale and
            The Board of Regents, upon recommendation from the
            Chancellor, shall approve all changes to the benefits
            and leave programs, except those required by State Law.
        C.  Compensation
            (Retain interim policy on compensation pending
            completion of the Compensation Study.)
            The Board of Regents, upon recommendation by the
            Chancellor, shall approve each year a pay program that
            shall consider:  cost-of-living adjustments, merit
            increase and salary adjustment guidelines, salary
            schedule(s) and other compensation-related items.
        D.  Performance Appraisal
            (Retain current policies on performance appraisal
            pending completion of the compensation study.)
            The University of Maryland System shall provide an
            equitable and valid performance review process which
            fosters employee development and excellent performance
            and which ensures fair personnel administration.
            Written performance evaluations shall be administered
            at regular intervals, minimally on an annual basis.
        E.  Employee Relations
            The University of Maryland System recognizes the
            dignity and rights of its employees as individuals and
            expects its employees to act with judgment, discretion
            and integrity at all times.  Employees and their
            supervisors shall make every effort to resolve
            differences informally and shall consider all available
            alternatives for resolution of problems at this level.
            It is expected that grievances will be resolved in an
            orderly and timely manner in an environment of
            impartiality and mutual respect.  Formal grievance
            procedures shall be in conformity with applicable
            federal and State laws.
        F.  General Conduct and Working Conditions
            Each constituent institution shall provide an
            environment that promotes the safety, health, and
            general welfare of its employees.  Each employee will
            uphold appropriate standards of conduct and adhere to
            all applicable Board of Regents policies, provisions of
            the Systemwide Human Resource Program Manual, and
            procedures established at each institution and
    V.  This policy does not supersede or replace any policy
        pertaining to Faculty as specified in Bylaws, Policies and
        Procedures of the Board of Regents.