(Approved by the Board of Regents, April 25, 1991)
        I.  Earned Leave:
            A.   Administrative Personnel -- Regular full-time
                 administrative personnel earn 22 days of annual
                 leave per year.  Annual leave shall accumulate at
                 the rate of 1.83 work days per month beginning
                 with the first full month of employment.  Regular
                 part-time administrative personnel working 50% or
                 more will earn annual leave on a pro-rated basis.
            B.   Classified Personnel -- Annual leave for regular
                 full-time classified employees will be earned
                 according to the following schedule.  (Regular
                 part-time classified employees working 50% or more
                 will earn annual leave on a pro-rated basis.)
                 1.   From the first through the 6th month of
                      service, no leave is earned but is credited
                      for record-keeping purposes.  After
                      completion of the 6th month of service, such
                      annual leave becomes earned and available for
                 2.   Starting with the 7th month of credited
                      service through the completion of the 5th
                      year of service, employees will earn annual
                      leave at the rate of 10 working days for each
                      full year.
                 3.   Starting with the 6th year of service through
                      the completion of the 10th year of service,
                      employees will earn annual leave at the rate
                      of 15 working days for each full year.
                 4.   Starting with the 11th year of service
                      through the completion of the 20th year of
                      service, employees will earn annual leave at
                      the rate of 20 working days for each full
                 5.   Starting with the 21st year of service and
                      thereafter, employees will earn annual leave
                      at the rate of 25 working days for each full
     II.   Leave Accumulation:
            Annual leave with pay shall be available only to the
            extent earned, provided that the dates of such leave
            have been approved in advance by the employee's
            department head.  A maximum of 45 work days of annual
            leave may be carried into a new calendar year by all
            regular full-time employees; this maximum will be pro-
            rated for part-time employees working 50% or more.
     III.   Leave Advancement:
            With the approval of the institution's chief executive
            officer, an employee may be advanced 5 days of annual
            leave provided that no other leave, including personal
            leave, compensatory leave or sick leave is available to
            the employee and is appropriate to the purpose of the
            leave.  The chief executive officer shall make a
            determination to advance annual leave, based on the
            supervisor's demonstration that such an advance would
            not impair the work of the unit and that the employee
            has demonstrated a substantial need for such leave.
      IV.   Payment For Denied Annual Leave:
            At the end of each calendar year, a supervisor may,
            through appropriate channels, recommend to the
            institution's chief executive officer that an employee
            be paid for days of annual leave lost pursuant to
            Section II of this policy.  Such payment may be made
            only when the employee has submitted one or more timely
            written requests to use annual leave during the
            calendar year and such requests have been denied in
            writing for administrative reasons.  The supervisor
            shall provide any such denial in writing and shall
            state the administrative reasons for such denial.  The
            supervisor's recommendation for payment for lost annual
            leave shall be accompanied by copies of the written
            requests and denials and the explanation (in writing)
            of why the lost annual leave was not taken at another
            time during the calendar year.
            Payment is limited to unused annual leave that is in
            excess of the maximum accumulation and that is lost by
            the employee at the end of the calendar year.  The
            amount of annual leave for which payment may be made
            shall be decreased hour for hour by the amount of
            compensatory leave used during the calendar year.
       V.   Leave Transfer:
            When an employee transfers to another institution in
            the University of Maryland System or transfers to
            another department in the same institution and/or moves
            from one employment category to another, all unused
            accumulated annual leave shall be transferred.
     VI.    Termination Payment:
            Employees who leave the University of Maryland System
            are entitled to compensation for any unused annual
            leave that has been credited and available for use as
            of the date of separation.
     VII.   Leave of Absence Without Pay:
            An employee on leave of absence without pay due to
            temporary disability resulting from mental or physical
            disability may elect to receive payment for all
            accumulated unused annual leave or retain all
            accumulated unused annual leave for a period not to
            exceed the first six months of the approved leave of
            absence without pay.  Retention of the accumulated
            unused annual leave must be requested in writing by the
            employee or the employee's designated representative.
            Upon completion of the first six months leave of
            absence without pay, payment of all such accumulated
            unused annual leave shall be made to the employee if
            the employee does not return to work.
    VIII.   Rate of Annual Leave Earnings Upon Return to State
            A classified employee who is entering or returning to
            UMS service is entitled to credit towards the rate of
            annual leave earning for previous UMS and/or State
            service.  This previous service must have included at
            least 180 days of continuous and satisfactory
            performance in an allocated position.
      IX.   Reinstatement:
            A classified employee returning to UMS service with an
            authorized status of reinstatement within two years of
            separation, is entitled to earn annual leave at the
            same rate in effect at the time of separation from
            active service.
                 It is the responsibility of each institution to
                 develop procedures as necessary to implement this
                 Section 37, Article 64A
  Replacement for:    Policies and Procedures of the Board of
                      Trustees of the State Universities and
                      Colleges of Maryland; Sections VI - 1, B - 1
                      UM Personnel Policies and Rules for
                      Classified Employees, Section VI, Annual
                      UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Associate
                      Staff, Section I, Annual Leave