(Approved by the Board of Regents, February 28, 1992)
       I.   Purpose and Applicability.  To establish a leave
            category called Legal Action Leave for all regular
            administrative and classified employees which permits
            an employee, under certain circumstances, to be absent
            from duty without loss of any pay or without charge to
            the employee's accrued leave.
      II.   General
            A.   An employee who is summoned to appear in a court
                 action, before a grand jury, before an
                 administrative agency, or for a deposition, and is
                 neither a party to the action nor a paid witness,
                 may be absent from the job without loss of pay or
                 charge to any leave.
            B.   If an employee is a paid witness in such an
                 action, the absence may be charged to appropriate
                 leave, or the employee may be granted a leave of
                 absence without pay if the employee does not have
                 sufficient leave to cover such an absence.  If the
                 employee merely receives the nominal court witness
                 payment, the employee may endorse the check to the
                 institution and not have the period charged
                 against leave.
            C.   In either case, upon request the employee shall
                 provide documentation to verify attendance.
        Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
        necessary and submit a copy to the Chancellor.
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