(Approved by the Board of Regents, June 9, 1995,  EFFECTIVE July 1,
  1996.  Please refer to the "replacement for" section of this
  I.   Purpose and Applicability
       This policy establishes guidelines (A) for the revision and
       adjustment of salary structures and for the assignment of job
       classes to salary ranges within salary structure(s); (B) for
       the administration of individual salaries upon salary
       structure revision and adjustment and (C) for the development
       and maintenance of job evaluation program(s).  This policy is
       applicable to all UMS job classes and positions within the job
       group of nonexempt -- maintenance, office, service, and
       technical staff.
  II.  Adjustment of Salary Structure And Assignment of Job Classes
       to Salary Ranges
       A.   Authority to revise and adjust salary structures shall
            rest with the UMS Board of Regents upon the
            recommendation of the Chancellor.
       B.   Authority to assign job classes to salary ranges shall
            rest with the Chancellor or designee.
       C.   It is the goal of the UMS to maintain the midpoint of
            salary ranges within the applicable salary structure
            equal to the current average salary paid for comparable
            job classes within the appropriate job market.
       D.   The University of Maryland System, shall develop a
            process to determine the competitive market position of
            the salary structures.  Adjustments to salary structures
            and assignments of job classes to salary ranges within
            the applicable salary structure shall be made by the
            Chancellor or designee.
  III. Impact of Adjustments to Salary Ranges
       A.   Increase in Salary Range
            1.   When the salary range of a job class is changed to
                 a new salary range that has a higher minimum
                 salary, the salaries of all employees who are
                 below the minimum of the new range shall be moved
                 to the minimum salary for their respective job
            2.   Funds permitting, the salaries of all employees
                 falling between the steps of the new salary range
                 shall be moved to the next higher step.
       B.   Decrease in Salary Range
            1.   In the event that the salary range of a job class
                 is changed to a new salary range that has a lower
                 maximum salary, the incumbents of positions within
                 the job class shall not experience a reduction in
                 current salary.
            2.   Funds permitting, the salaries of all employees
                 falling between the steps of the new salary range
                 shall be moved to the next higher step.
            3.   Unless otherwise provided by UMS policy, employees
                 whose salary exceeds the maximum of the salary
                 range are eligible for COLA increases, only, until
                 their salary falls within the range.
  IV.  UMS Job Evaluation Programs
       A.   Authority to establish, implement, and maintain job
            evaluation programs for UMS job classes shall rest with
            the Chancellor.
       B.   The development and maintenance of systemwide job class
            specifications and other systemwide methods of job
            evaluation shall be coordinated by UMSA.
       C.   The development and maintenance of campus-specific job
            class specifications shall be the responsibility of
            each institution in coordination with UMSA.
       Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
       necessary to implement this policy, and shall forward a copy
       of such procedures to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
       The following policies as they apply to non-exempt employees
       of the UMS only, are replaced effective July 1, 1996.
       However, Exempt employees will continue to be covered under
       such applicable existing policies until such time as revised
       policies governing Exempt employees are approved.
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees,
       Section III, Compensation - General, page III-1, Internal
       Equity and Levels of Compensation, pages III-1, III-2,
       Salary Grade Adjustment, page III-5, Salary Grade Reduction,
       page III-6; Section IV, Classification - Coverage; Class
       Specifications; Use of Class Titles; Allocation of New
       Positions, page IV-1.
       Laws Relating to and Governing Policies and Procedures of
       the BTSUC, Section VI, Administrative Officers, Paragraphs
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       Procedures, page III-14.10-3; III-14.20 Salary Plan - Senior
       Administrators, pages III-14.20-1, III-14.20-2 (partially
       rescinded for certain Academic Administrator positions).
       Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part,
       any policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the
       Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the
       former institutions of the University of Maryland, and of
       the former State Universities and Colleges, and of the
       Regents of the University of Maryland System that are in
       conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability, or
       intent, that may have been overlooked and not included as a
       specific citation under "Replacement for."