(Approved by the Board of Regents, EFFECTIVE  July 1, 1996.  Please
  refer to the "replacement for" section of this policy.)
  I.   Purpose and Applicability
       This policy establishes the authority of the institution's
       Chief Executive Officer or designee to temporarily assign
       duties to existing positions and to temporarily reassign
       staff to positions.  This policy applies to nonexempt --
       maintenance, office, service, and technical staff.
  II.  Terms and Definitions
       Temporary assignment is used when adding or replacing job
       duties to an employee's existing position on a temporary
       basis.  A temporary assignment of additional duties or
       removal of duties is at the discretion of the supervisor and
       may not result in a change in title or compensation.
       Acting Appointment is used when an employee is appointed to
       a different position on a temporary basis where there is a
       vacancy that is anticipated to exceed thirty (30)
       consecutive calendar days.  This appointment may result in a
       temporary title change and salary adjustment consistent with
       the policy on reclass promotion.
  III. Authority of Chief Executive Officer
       A.   Based upon operational need or organizational necessity
            and consistent with the knowledge, skill, and ability
            of the employee, the Chief Executive Officer or
            designee may:
            1.   Assign additional duties to an employee's current
                 position on a temporary basis with no alteration
                 in salary.
            2.   Appoint an employee, on a temporary basis to an
                 acting or interim position.  Employees appointed
                 for, or actually serving, more than 30 days will
                 receive a salary adjustment consistent with the
                 policy on reclass promotion.  Upon conclusion of
                 the acting appointment, the employee will return
                 to the last regular salary received prior to the
                 acting appointment, with the addition of any
                 intervening salary adjustments which have
       B.   If and when practicable, the employee shall be provided
            with written notice of assignment/ reassignment at
            least five (5) work days prior to the effective date of
            such assignment/reassignment.
  IV.  Duration of Temporary Assignment and Acting Appointment
       A.   Temporary assignments/acting appointments may be made
            for up to twelve (12) months.  Additional extensions
            may be considered based on operational need of the
       B.   Determination of salary for acting appointments shall
            be in accordance with established procedures for
            reclass promotion.
  V.   Benefits During Acting Appointment
       Employees serving in an acting or interim capacity shall
       receive benefits consistent with their regular full-time
  VI.  Miscellaneous
       A.   Job class reviews may be conducted for all temporary
            assignments/acting appointments that last or are
            expected to last more than thirty (30) consecutive
            calendar days.
       B.   Employees on temporary assignment/acting appointment
            shall not be subject to layoff based on temporary
            assignment acting appointment status. Such appointments
            are subject to the provisions of UMS Board of Regents
            Policy VII - 1.30 - Policy on Layoff for Unclassified
            and Classified Personnel.
       C.   At the end of an acting appointment employees shall be
            returned to their former position with the same salary
            and status as they would have had if they had not been
            temporarily reassigned.
       Each Chief Executive Officer shall identify his/her
       designee(s), if appropriate, for this policy; shall develop
       procedures as necessary to implement this policy; and shall
       forward a copy of such procedures to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
       The following policies as they apply to non-exempt employees
       of the UMS only are replaced effective July 1, 1996.
       However, Exempt employees will continue to be covered under
       such applicable existing policies until such time as revised
       policies governing Exempt employees are approved.
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees,
       Section III, Compensation - Compensation of Employees Who
       Work in an Acting Capacity, page III-9.
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Associate Staff,
       Positions and Appointments, Paragraph E. Acting Appointment,
       pages 3, 4; Employment Standards for Associate Staff,
       Paragraph G.2. Reassignment, page 13.
       UM BOR Policies and Procedures Manual, III-2.10.1 Amendment
       to Policy on Acting Appointments, page III-2.10.1-1
       (partially rescinded for certain Academic Administrator
       positions); III-14.41 Policy on the Delegation of Authority
       to Approve Requests for Overload Payments to Faculty and
       Associate Staff, page III-14.41-1 (partially rescinded for
       Associate Staff).
       Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part,
       any policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the
       Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the
       former institutions of the University of Maryland, and of
       the former State Universities and Colleges, and of the
       Regents of the University of Maryland System that are in
       conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability, or
       intent, that may have been overlooked and not included as a
       specific citation under "Replacement for."