(Approved by the Board of Regents, June 9, 1995, EFFECTIVE July 1,
  1996.  Please refer to the "replacement for" section of this
  I.   Purpose and Applicability
       This policy defines the conditions under which a job reclass
       review may be requested.  This policy is applicable to
       positions allocated to job classes in the job group of
       nonexempt -- maintenance, office, service, and technical
  II.  Definition
       Job reclass may only occur when the job class to which a
       position is assigned is changed by raising it to a higher
       class, reducing it to a lower class, or changing it to
       another class at the same level.  Reclass actions are based
       on significant and substantial changes that evolve in the
       positions primary duties, when structured changes occur in
       the positions duties and responsibilities that were
       unforeseen at the time of hire and are crucial to the
       mission and/or organizational effectiveness of the UMS
       institution, or as a result of changes in the job evaluation
       program.  A position may or may not have an incumbent at the
       time of a reclass.
  III. Job Reclass Review Requests
       A.   Each institution's Chief Executive Officer or designee
            shall be responsible for developing and communicating
            procedures, forms, and timetables for the acceptance,
            review, and determination of job reclass review
            requests.  The institution's Director of Human
            Resources/Personnel or designee shall be responsible
            for reviewing the position and determining whether the
            position is appropriately allocated to its current job
            class or should be changed to another job class.
       B.   A request for a job reclass review may be initiated by
            the Chief Executive Officer or designee, the
            appropriate administrator(s) to whom the position
            reports, or by the incumbent.
       C.   All job reclass decisions shall be effective
            retroactive to the date the request for review was
            received in the applicable Office of Human
       Each Chief Executive Officer shall identify his/her
       designee(s), if appropriate, for this policy; shall develop
       procedures as necessary to implement this policy; and shall
       forward a copy of the procedures to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
       The following policies as they apply to non-exempt employees
       of the UMS only are replaced effective July 1, 1996.
       However, Exempt employees will continue to be covered under
       such applicable existing policies until such time as revised
       policies governing Exempt employees are approved.
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees,
       Section III, Compensation - Reclassification, page III-5
       Section IV, Classification - Effective Date of
       Classification Action; Reallocation or Reclassification of
       Existing Positions; Position Classification, pages IV-2, IV-
       Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part,
       any policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the
       Regents, Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the
       former institutions of the University of Maryland, and of
       the former State Universities and Colleges, and of the
       Regents of the University of Maryland System that are in
       conflict with this policy's purpose, applicability, or
       intent, that may have been overlooked and not included as a
       specific citation under "Replacement for."