(Approved by the Board of Regents, June 9, 1995, EFFECTIVE July 1,
  1996.  Please refer to the "replacement for" section of this
  I.   Purpose and Applicability
       This policy establishes the guidelines for the effect of
       changes in the minimum qualifications of job class
  II.  Affected Employees
       The minimum qualifications of a job class shall be developed
       and/or adjusted by the Chancellor or designee to comply with
       local, state or federal regulations or for other bona fide
       occupational requisites.  Employees may be affected as
       A.   Governmental Regulations
            When the minimum qualifications are changed to meet legal
            requirements (e.g., State mandated licensure or
            certification), continued employment in the job class
            shall be dependent upon meeting the new standards unless
            the law or regulation provides for "grandparenting" of
            current employees.
            1.   The applicable institution shall pay for all
                 necessary and reasonable costs, and shall allow
                 employees reasonable time off with pay to meet the
                 mandated legal requirements.
            2.   Employees unable to meet, after reasonable effort,
                 the new legally-mandated standards for the job
                 class shall be laid off and their names placed on
                 the applicable reinstatement list as provided in
                 the appropriate layoff and reinstatement policies.
       B.   Other Bona Fide Requisites
            When minimum qualifications of job classes are changed
            for other bona fide occupational requisites, not
            involving legal mandates, current employees who do not
            meet the new requirements shall be encouraged to acquire
            the new qualifications.
            1.   Although encouraged, employees shall not be
                 required to obtain the new qualifications in order
                 to remain in their current positions.
            2.   Grandparenting shall only apply to that specific
                 job class at the institution where the employee is
                 employed, and shall not apply to other positions in
                 the job class series or other job classes for which
                 the employee does not meet the minimum
       Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures as
       necessary to implement this policy, and shall forward a copy
       of such procedures to the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:
       The following policies as they apply to non-exempt employees
       of the UMS only are replaced effective July 1, 1996.  However,
       Exempt employees will continue to be covered under such
       applicable existing policies until such time as revised
       policies governing Exempt employees are approved.
       UM Personnel Policies and Rules For Classified Employees,
       Section IV, Classification - Status of an Employee Whose
       Position is Reallocated, Reclassified, or Abolished, pages
       IV-2, IV-3.
       Additionally, this policy supersedes, in whole or in part, any
       policy(ies) and/or procedure(s) established by the Regents,
       Trustees, Presidents, or their designees, of the former
       institutions of the University of Maryland, and of the former
       State Universities and Colleges, and of the Regents of the
       University of Maryland System that are in conflict with this
       policy's purpose, applicability, or intent, that may have been
       overlooked and not included as a specific citation under
       "Replacement for."