Office of Academic and Student Affairs
Records & Registration Group of ICC of USM

Records & Registration Group of ICC of USM

DECEMBER 8, 2000



  1. Anne Donohue joined the group for a brief follow up to her general session comments concerning the use of SSNs on our campuses and In-state residency status.
  2. When asked what type of evidence should we be looking for when determining residency, Ms. Donohue suggested that we should look at who the student is living with; parents, guardian, spouse, or by themselves.

    1. Guardian - There was a discussion regarding international students who are living with relatives in Maryland, but who may be receiving funds from parents back in their country of origin.
    2. Auditing issue - When students change their state residency on vehicle registration, financial aid applications, and requests for an address change in our offices, the state auditors have requested to see the documentation of the new address that the student provided. We can request that students provide the documentation before making the change.
    3. While we request that students use a USM form (Form C) to petition for a change in residency, we do not have a uniform method to establish the initial residency status at the time of admission to each campus. The group is concerned that while one campus may not grant Maryland residency to a student, this same student can go to another campus a receive the in-state status based upon different criteria for determining residency. The Records & Registration committee of ICC would like the criteria, the questions, and the documentation that may be requested at the time of the admission decision to come from USM so that all of the campuses are making the same decision on that student.
  3. Common Calendar
    1. There are currently two drafts of this calendar, which will be discussed by the VPs in January. The committee has approved the calendar for the next two academic years. Changes that can be seen are:
      1. The 14-week specification on a fall and spring semester has been removed.
      2. Final examinations must conclude on or before December 23rd has been added.
      3. Thanksgiving break being Thursday thru Sunday is out which allows campuses to begin break on the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday)
      4. A minimum of fourteen days will be available after Christmas break and before the start of the Spring semester for a mini session
      5. A spring break will commence the ninth week after MLK Birthday.
      6. UB law school, all professional schools and distributed learning programs are exempt from above mentioned calendar requirements.
  4. Use of GPAs to award teacher bonuses
    1. It was determined that we do not share a common method to determine "the top 10%" on which the bonus is paid. Some campuses use the entire graduating class, while others may calculate by using the graduates from the College of Education.
    2. Students receiving graduate degrees may or may not have a "top 10%" calculated for the teaching bonus.