Office of Academic and Student Affairs
September 28-29th Registration and Records Group Minutes

September 28-29th Registration and Records Group Minutes

  1. Academic Calendar - Bill Reuling reported on the findings of the calendar committee. The committee found that the current session format works best for our standard semesters, special sessions (including the three-week mini-mester), collaborative learning projects and distance learning programs. Special terms must run within the common calendar. The committee recommends that campuses consider staying away from Thursday and Friday semester starting dates. This is an individual campus decision and that exceptions to the USM system calendars must be made to Dr. Middleton. The professional schools' starting and ending dates are exempt from following the USM calendar.
  2. Shady Grove - It was reported that some of the enrollments in the new USM programs at Shady Grove are in fact part time and that these students are admitted to another system campus.
  3. Social Security Numbers - Campuses have taken steps to remove the number from auxiliary service items such as identification cards, but have taken no action in removing the number from academic records. The group determined that we needed more direction from the State's Attorney General Office on our legal obligations and how they see us proceeding with this issue. It would be beneficial for get some one from that office to meet with our group.
  4. People Soft - Matt Gaglione gave the group an update on UMUC's progress with their implementation of People Soft.
  5. Future agenda items - The committee will be looking at Inter-Institutional Enrollment and how we calculate the grade point average.